Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Small Planters

Spring is here!!! Well, at least on the calendar. Turning the page on the calendar unfortunately didn't improve our weather, but it made me want to get ready for spring. I got some of the seeds and bulbs out and will be jump-starting some of the plants indoors. And for that I will need some small planters (a lot of them). To save money I decided to re-use anything that can hold soil and in search for such container I came up with an idea that I want to share.
So, today I'll show you how to make this...
Out of this...

In my humble opinion cans make perfect container for starter plants. They are sturdy, not too big and what is more important, they are FREE.
Let's begin...
You will need containers, glue (glue gun or double sided glue strips), scrapbook paper and very little time.
Empty (eat what is inside) and wash your containers.

On the bottom punch few halls. This can be done with small nail and hammer.
I planted my plants next. This step can be done later, but I didn't want my containers to get dirty. I planted onion bulbs in these and you can fit up to 8 bulbs in such a small container. Let it sit for a short period of time so water drains from container if you watered your soil. Now we can decorate our containers. Decorating is optional and if I took these containers straight outside I wouldn't bother, but since they'll be spending few weeks on my windowsill I wanted them to look pretty.
 Cut  piece of paper big enough to wrap around can and put strip of double sided glue.

Wrap paper around can and the glue

My onions week later

 And two weeks later


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