Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Polymer Clay Ornaments

I wanted to show you two more polymer clay ornaments I made this year.
First one is for my niece Sophia who LOVES cooking. Look at those yummy chocolate chips cookies.

 And next one is for my nephew who loves his swimming classes.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Plain Gift Bag to Christmas Bag

Each year I pospone my gift wrapping later and later. This year I ended up wrapping my gifts on Christmas Eve, and no surprise that I didn't have the right size bags for some of my gifts. I had this plane non-christmasy looking bag that I needed to make a liitle bit more festive.
It took me 5 minutes and minimum materials to make my bag more wintery looking. I want to enter this card in challenge from Anna' Scrap Challange Blog Gift Wrapping

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pink Birthday Card

I have a HUGE collection of dies, but my most used one is Flourishes from Cheery Lynn. It is so versatile and adds beautiful touch to any projects. 
The Birthday card I made today is using that die and I LOVE how it looks. Cheery Leen Design Blog has new Challenge this week - Anything Goes and here is the card I made.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Card

I can't believe Christmas is only a week away. I still need to do last minute shopping, but mostly I am ready. I made another quick Christmas card using very pretty frame die from Sizzix.

Monday, December 15, 2014

CAS Snowflake

It is the middle of the December and I we were lucky to see snow already. It lasted only half of the day, but brought a lot of joy to children and adults. Blog Kafe Scrapo Mama has new challange to make skrapwork using SNOWFLAKE
Great challange for this time of the year!!! Ans here is my CAS card.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hawaiian Sand Ornament

Every year I am trying to add meaningful ornaments to my collection. Ornaments that will tell what I liked, or did past 12 month. 2014 was pretty eventful, but not everything I want to remember in the future :) I do want to have some memories of our trip to Hawaii, so I made and bought some ornaments that will remind me of it.
I'll show you the ornament that I made. I used sand that I brought from the beach we lay on and put it in the clear glass ball, added some handmade "tropical" flowers and a year. It only took me few years to make it, but will be cherished for years :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Any Ocation Card

I've had this beautiful punch from Martha Stewart for almost two years and never had a chance to use it (not for the lack of ideas)
Recently I came across beautiful card by Ilona and finally gave my punch a try. Here is my inspiration
And my card
 Handmade flowers


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas tree ornaments 2014

 Thanksgiving is only a week away and the day after Thanksgiving, when the rest of the country goes shopping, I am planning to put up my Christmas tree. I love Christmas!!! And putting up tree as early as possible prolong this favorite season of mine.
Blog Tempo Liberto has "decorating interior"challenge" and what is better decorating than putting up a Christmas tree and tree needs to be decorated wit ornaments.

In resent years I love having tree ornaments with meaning. I buy and make ornaments that tell a story about how our year went. I have yet to make ornament about our Hawaiian vacation, but for now I made few ornament for my friends and family.

My sister bought her children kitten for Christmas present. They named him Tiger and I quickly made them an ornament.

Kids (boy and girl) fought over kitten and my sister purchased them another kitten (black), so I HAD to make another ornament. This is my second creation. Cats I made do not look like kittens, but rather like old fat cats, but it will have to do (I am not an artist)

 And one more ornament for my cousin who had a baby girl earlier this year.

I am planning to make few more ornaments for friends and family and one for myself. What about you? Do you have any special Christmas tree ornaments?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday card

I made another unisex Birthday card to add to my stash. This card was easy and fun to make. I used my favorite products: frame, favorite flourish die and handmade flowers.

Friday, September 26, 2014


I LOVE Pinterest. Every free minute at work I spend on this site looking for recipes, décor and of course scrapbooking. There are so many beautiful creations that inspire me, but some of them I want to repeat without changing much (if anything). Today's card was created by copying following creation made by Hania.

 I happen to have the same dies she used in the card and since I use those dies so little I was happy to find ideas for their use. Here is the card I made. I used bright colors and it looks completely different
 Look on the back.
 Blue flowers are handmade

Friday, July 11, 2014

Бумажные цветы

В блоге СкрапМама замечательное задание которое я не смогла пройти. В этот раз задание связано с бумажными цветами. Я очень люблю самодельные цветы и решила поучаствовать. Открытка сложилась быстро и легко.

Monday, June 16, 2014


В блоге интересное задание. Нужно сделать открытку для мальчика или девочки в стиле Clean and Simple.
Этот стиль мне очень нравится, но со стороны. Самой же не получается в нём творить. Ну вот ещё раз попробовала и вот что получилось

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Card for Adoptive Mother

Неделю назад моя подруга усыновила с Украины мальчика 9 лет. Я впервые её увижу в воскресение и так совпало что в воскресение наша страна празднует День Матери. У них до этого мальчика детей не было, так что это будет первый год когда она будет праздновать этот праздник. По этому поводу я сделала для неё открыточку.

Надпись на русском звучит примерно так... "Усыновление - это когда ребёнок вырос у мамы в сердце а не в её животике"


Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Card

I follow this wonderful blog that I would love to share with you Dorota_mk. I am in love with EVERY single card she makes. I love her style. I chose following card as an inspiration to make a card for upcoming Mother's Day.
I used vintage colors in my card

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Small Planters

Spring is here!!! Well, at least on the calendar. Turning the page on the calendar unfortunately didn't improve our weather, but it made me want to get ready for spring. I got some of the seeds and bulbs out and will be jump-starting some of the plants indoors. And for that I will need some small planters (a lot of them). To save money I decided to re-use anything that can hold soil and in search for such container I came up with an idea that I want to share.
So, today I'll show you how to make this...
Out of this...

In my humble opinion cans make perfect container for starter plants. They are sturdy, not too big and what is more important, they are FREE.
Let's begin...
You will need containers, glue (glue gun or double sided glue strips), scrapbook paper and very little time.
Empty (eat what is inside) and wash your containers.

On the bottom punch few halls. This can be done with small nail and hammer.
I planted my plants next. This step can be done later, but I didn't want my containers to get dirty. I planted onion bulbs in these and you can fit up to 8 bulbs in such a small container. Let it sit for a short period of time so water drains from container if you watered your soil. Now we can decorate our containers. Decorating is optional and if I took these containers straight outside I wouldn't bother, but since they'll be spending few weeks on my windowsill I wanted them to look pretty.
 Cut  piece of paper big enough to wrap around can and put strip of double sided glue.

Wrap paper around can and the glue

My onions week later

 And two weeks later


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Forgotten Christmas card

Scrap Lifting

В блоге Scrap Lifting предложеная шикарная открытка для лифтинга от Виктории Петренко
Не смотря на свою занятость, я не удержалась и выделила время чтобы поучаствовать
И мой вариант