Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas tree ornaments 2014

 Thanksgiving is only a week away and the day after Thanksgiving, when the rest of the country goes shopping, I am planning to put up my Christmas tree. I love Christmas!!! And putting up tree as early as possible prolong this favorite season of mine.
Blog Tempo Liberto has "decorating interior"challenge" and what is better decorating than putting up a Christmas tree and tree needs to be decorated wit ornaments.

In resent years I love having tree ornaments with meaning. I buy and make ornaments that tell a story about how our year went. I have yet to make ornament about our Hawaiian vacation, but for now I made few ornament for my friends and family.

My sister bought her children kitten for Christmas present. They named him Tiger and I quickly made them an ornament.

Kids (boy and girl) fought over kitten and my sister purchased them another kitten (black), so I HAD to make another ornament. This is my second creation. Cats I made do not look like kittens, but rather like old fat cats, but it will have to do (I am not an artist)

 And one more ornament for my cousin who had a baby girl earlier this year.

I am planning to make few more ornaments for friends and family and one for myself. What about you? Do you have any special Christmas tree ornaments?


  1. Oh, they all are lovely!
    Thanks for sharing with TL blog!

  2. Милые какие !! Здорово!!Спасибо от Tempo Libero!